As public school parents, we watched our schools struggle to fundraise, just to provide a more well-rounded and enriching public education.

When one of the largest corporations in the world cut their charity donation program, we saw that schools were devastated to lose just that 0.5 percent. We realized that we needed something that actually benefited public schools and nonprofits, without them having to do more than they're already doing, because a company should exist for a higher purpose than just making money.

It was important to us to enable these organizations to raise real money with the support of their communities, from purchases they'd already be making anyway.

So, we created SplitShops.


You can just use it as a donation platform (where we don't earn a dime), or as an online store, where we run the store and do the shipping, and you always get a 10% split of the revenue. Or both!

We know not many things are simple these days, but we hope this makes fundraising a little easier. You're the ones fighting the good fight. We're just here to back you up.

Sam Deskin
Founder and CEO