Ok so you're ready to go splitsies.

Here are the details:

You always get 10% of the sale of products from your store. Whatever an item costs you get 10% of that. No catch.
We manage the sales.
We ship the orders.
We provide customer support.
We send tax donation receipts to your supporters.
You get 10%.
(Have we mentioned that?)
Board game costs $20.
Board Game
You get $2.

Maybe you just want to use SplitShops as a donation platform.

Fine by us! Supporters can donate cash right to you, right from here. We earn absolutely nothing from donations to your organization we're just here to offer options for low outside fees. And to make your life easier.


You get up to 100% of donations - depending on which platform your supporters choose for their contribution. Some of these platforms take a percentage, but splitShops never takes a penny.

You can use your organization's own:

Zelle account
(no fee)
PayPal Giving Fund account
(no fee)
Venmo account
(Venmo charges fees of 1.9% + 10 cents)
You can use Stripe credit card processing + Givinga
(They charge fees of 4.2% + 30 cents)
We send tax donation receipts to your supporters when we receive notice of the donation.